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 Posted: Sun Oct 25th, 2020 07:38 pm
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David Kilnapp


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Darryl Hudson can make you a new bakelite cover for that switch. Contact him at:

You will have to remove the switch from the speed coil and mail it to Darryl. You'll get back a nice new, period correct, bakelite cover for that switch.

If you are considering painting this, I would highly recommend Rustoleum "advanced formula" gloss black. The only place I have consistently been able to find this exceptional paint is at Walmart. The finish is extraordinary. Prime it first with two coats of automotive black primer and lightly sand after each coat, then apply two coats of the advanced formula black. The second coat must be applied while the first coat is still tacky or the paint will wrinkle. Good luck with this restoration and post pictures as you go!