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 Posted: Sun Oct 25th, 2020 08:49 pm
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James Perkins


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I bought a box of antique fan parts for $10.  I figured I could use them for parts if nothing else.  I looked through the box and they appear to be two identical(ish) fans that someone was trying to put together into one good fan.  
They are 12" GE Oscillators in dark green enamel but the only set of blades in the box were steel (painted a brass color) instead of brass or aluminum.  

The tags read: Type AOU, Form AB1, No. C65850 (the 6 looks overstamped), Cat 75424, Spec 272058-2 and Type AOU, Form AB1, No. C82010, Cat 75424, Spec 272058-2 

They appear to have good switches and speed coils.  

I know they are 220V fans and I'm not sure what I will do about that.  

Does anyone know how I would date these?  

Should I try to make a good fan out of these or should I just part them out or turn them into lamps?