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 Posted: Mon Oct 26th, 2020 05:23 am
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Jon Kovach

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Russ Huber wrote: Jon Kovach wrote: Russ Huber wrote: 21666 is a big motor. The 29668 that I am aware of are a small motor. The shaft that runs from the blade with the worm gear in the gearbox is longer in the big motor.
The 29668 I have is a big motor would the 21666 oscillator shaft and worm work since they are both big motors?

Yes. If you have a restorable 21666, they are desirable. 

I found the 21666 oscillator shaft and worm gear on antique fan parts and wanted to make sure it would fit my 29668 big motor before purchasing. Thanks for your help Russ. 

 I am waiting on 21666 from another AFCA member that I agreed to purchase. they are desirable for sure