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 Posted: Mon Nov 16th, 2020 11:43 pm
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Andrew White

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Stan dropped this off the other day as he was passing through, this one was originally part of the Block Collection.
Was dirty but in good shape overall. Bearings aren’t horrible but since I’ve got it apart I’m going to replace them. This one will be put to work as an attic ventilator in one of the gables of my house :clap:

I did toy with the idea of polishing the entire thing to a mirror shine as this one is made of entirely cast aluminum, but the green seemed like quite a bit less hassle..

The blades were a hassle to get off, but everything else went very smooth. It took quite a bit of wire brushing and sanding to get the oxidation and pitting under control on the blades and housing. It’s not perfect, but certainly “good enough”

This is my first ILG with a type Q blade, and wow I’m impressed. It moves a surprising amount of air for its size. Because of this fact, I’m already vying for a bigger one  :hammer:

Made a little progress this weekend... 

More to follow...