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 Posted: Tue Nov 17th, 2020 05:54 pm
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Russ Huber wrote: Matthew Sutton wrote: Thank you all for the information, I will check the commutator and wiring when I get it Thursday, hopefully everything is still in good shape. I have seen where a few people make reproduction fan blades for these looking through the forum. They look quite nice when restored so reading up on that. I still have no idea though if this is. $50 fan or $500 fan that I have and how much I should invest in restoring it. Thank you again for the information 
Are hungry and homeless? If not, you have a nice early fan well worth displaying proudly in your home. Yes, there are members here that could reproduce a nice reproduction blade for you. The reproduction brass blade could be oxidized to give it an aged patina to match the rest of your fan. The fan is certainly worth every penny you would invest in it. I hope this helps with your investment concerns. You can carefully clean up the fan motor itself retaining its patina. It is not necessary that it runs or not. Enjoy your toy. 
It was on ebay and is already sold. I just can't find the auction anymore. So I don't think he will be restoring it.