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 Posted: Thu Nov 19th, 2020 04:35 am
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Steve Stephens wrote: Up to the 1901 pancakes the struts were a bit thin.   I have some 1900 models:  0.10" thick on one and 0.065 on another two which I think is the 'standard' thickness for [url=tel:1899-1900 12]1899-1900 12[/url]' cakes.   I don't know why the thicker struts on the one cake.  It looks totally original as do the others.   One of my 1900 sticks was made in 1904 but it has the thinner struts.  Serial number is from 1904 but the other numbers, letters are for 1900.
Thanks for the info. My fan has a small imbalance and the thin struts let the cage vibrate. 

On a Dubro prop balancer, the blade has a heavy side. The hub where the blade rivets on is .010 thicker. I’m not sure if this is the issue. I filed some metal (.04”) off the outer edge of the heavy blade. This helped some. Maybe I need to take off more to balance it. The blade alignment is spot on.