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 Posted: Fri Jan 1st, 2021 11:02 am
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Lane Shirey

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Both of those motors are likely shaded pole motors which normally get hot to the touch.  Some get so hot it’s hard to hold your hand on there for long.  But they should never have an overheated or burning smell.  
The switch for the Westinghouse can probably be sourced from a local hardware store if it’s a single speed . 

Shaded pole fans can run on high without a speed coil. So if the speed coil in the other one Is bad, you could wire it to just run on high.  HOWEVER, if it sat out in the rain for years, I’d question the integrity of the electricals inside the motor and it should be checked very thoroughly beyond a visual inspection before using.  
My guess on the pedestal fan is that it’s a Diehl fan branded for Sears. 

Best of success on your restoration! 

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