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 Posted: Mon Jan 4th, 2021 03:24 am
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Marryann Claritan

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so, i was just given a Westinghouse livelyaire fan, it is a stationary (non osculating) version, which i did not know they had... it is a smaller, 10 inch maybe, with the plastic blade. one of the blades has a chip missing out of it which really bothers me for some reason, but it seems to run okay without vibrating or anything. other than that it is in perfect condition. someone has replaced the cord i believe, because it has no switch, it is just plug it in to go. so i put an inline switch on it. here is my question, when i opened it up to oil it, there were no oil wicks for the bearings, i know on my other livelyaire the oil wicks are little round ones that fit into a hole under the bearing, this one did not have those. so i oiled the bearings, and i am guessing they are made of that metal that wicks oil, so i put some grease on them, but what i need to know, is did someone for some reason remove the oil wicks, or is it not supposed to have them? it is cat. no. 10ld2 looks like. not sure, but it a livelyaire with plastic blades, i am sure you have all seen them.