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 Posted: Mon Jan 4th, 2021 07:00 am
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Levi Mevis

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Ezekiel Cain wrote: The westinghouse fans a 2 speed and has no speed coil

That's not possible, the arrangement that is on that particular version of the Westinghouse LivelyAire Fan you have pictured is a single speed fan (on and off) which means the switch would just click once for on and a second time for off. 

in order for a fan to be a 2 speed fan it has to have a speed coil of some sort built into the fan (which in the case of the Westinghouse LivelyAires and Standards is just a simple wirewound resistor screwed to the inside of the base of the fan and wired to a 3 position rotary switch where position one is high, position 2 is low and position 3 is off.