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 Posted: Wed Jan 6th, 2021 12:48 am
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Marryann Claritan

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I just ordered this fan off of ebay (for admittedly too much) I have been looking for this fan for a long time now, i was very surprised at how well it was packed, it was in 3 different boxes all with a ton of packing, then the whole fan was way over wrapped and then the grill was removed and filled with padding to keep the blades from moving. very nice packing and a nice break from sellers who do not care. anyway, the fan is here, it is in great shape, i cleaned the blades and not really a scratch on it to speak of... i cleaned and oiled it and re greased the gear box, it still works fine as well. there are two questions i have though, i am going to attach a link to a video i made of it running, the things to look for is that it is making a sound, not really rattling, more like buzzing, kind of hard to say, but you can hear it. and it is kind of off and on and every time it does the blades seem to move very slightly forward, maybe i should put in a washer or something? the other thing is that low speed seems very slow, it spins very freely and has a good spin down as you can see in the video, but low seems to be very slow, and i am not sure if this is normal or not. i have no reference because i really don't remember if that is how my original one is or not since i was like 5 or so. it does not seem to really bog down or anything i don't think, but it seems pretty slow.
 it is sears model 303.80020
here is a video of it running, the noise it is making is kind of hard to hear, and a bit easier to hear closer to the end of the video. the noise is only very slight when first turned on, and gets worse after warming up to the point where it is quite annoying (at least for me anyway, especially if i am trying to sleep, i love the sound of a fan, but it needs to not be making intermittent sounds) 
[highlight= rgb(205, 214, 224); font-size: 11.3333px;]video below: 
[highlight= rgb(205, 214, 224); font-size: 11.3333px;]