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 Posted: Wed Jan 6th, 2021 01:37 am
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Jeff Rusnak

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Hi Maryanne,Your fan is what Westinghouse refers to as a Leader fan a basic non oscillating/stationary fan with a switch on the motor.You have a later version from 1954 or later painted a non metallic paint sort of a pinkish mauve color with a chrome guard and Hemcolite plastic blade. The earlier versions 1940’s were a wrinkle grey finish with a painted guard and aluminum blade non oscillating.To answer your oiler/spring/bearing question,Yes there should be a small spring loaded wick just below the bearings on the rotor shaft.The bearings are bronze and porous so the oil can be absorbed to oil the motor shafts.The bearings are a floating type and self slinging to keep the motor from binding.the spring loaded wicks sit in a shallow well below the bearings so oil can be wicked up for lubrication.You might need a donor/parts fan to get the spring loaded wicks.Normally they should be in place,but like you mentioned some one in the past might have removed them...I hope this helps answering your questions,...Jeff.:cool: