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 Posted: Wed Jan 6th, 2021 06:12 pm
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Sean Campbell

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Hello All!

Today I would like to trade two extra brass blades I have for some parts I need. Up for trade is a nice R&M 12” brass blade that appears to have been polished at some point in the past. It is developing a nice light patina. Also up for trade is a nice 16” Peerless/Colonial blade with its original 100+ year patina. Both blades are in nice balanced condition and ready to use. 

I need a pivot knuckle, oscillator disc, and oscillator arm for an Emerson 24645. I also need the screws to hold the cage to the struts and the tag to the neck of an R&M Lollipop. I will consider trading the blades for any of these parts or maybe a few of the smaller ones. Thanks!