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 Posted: Sat Feb 20th, 2021 04:28 am
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David Northam


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That fan definitely looks like a Frigid fan. The fact that the box says Brooklyn, NY seems to confirm it. That fans looks like mid to late 1960's. Many fan manufacturers made fans for others that were "rebranded." For example, Signal made fans for Sears and were rebranded to the Sears house-name of Kenmore. There are usually slight variations in design or color. So Signal fans looked similar to Kenmore fans, but were not identical.

Frigid also made fans for the discount department store called Korvettes. The fans were branded Korvettes, but it was pretty apparent they were Frigid.

Your fan appears to be in good condition, so I hope you will get some use out of it beyond just a conversation piece. Whether you use it to circulate air when the AC is also running or use it in the spring/fall when you want a little breeze, but maybe don't need AC at all. Or, it can even be used as a window fan when the weather permits.