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 Posted: Wed Apr 7th, 2021 06:57 pm
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Alex Rushing

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Noah Britt wrote: I gotta say, this time you really knocked it out of the park even more than usual! All that welding, wow!! And the blade work; I've had experience with bad blades, and it is not an easy task getting them fixed. Also, that paint is so deep and glossy!! I don't know how you do that without it dripping. Amazing job!!Thank you kindly, Noah!
Definitely not a fan of resorting to removing blade material, but sometimes it is the only thing that fan be done that looks good. 

The welding was tedious, but ot was good practice, as I see broken fans for sale here and there. The Dayton base, and the 1510 motor case taught me a few things that will carry to the next challenge.