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 Posted: Fri Jan 14th, 2022 08:11 pm
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Larry Cronin

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To almost every new collector that mentions "out of balance" quite a few seem to assume that a fan blade can gain or lose weight on a blade when what happens is a blade can be pushed or pulled out of line with the other blades and it shakes it back and forth, making  i tt appear out of balance. Good Lord, I have seen Penny's and dimes soldered to blades to "balance them". I hold my finger in one spot on the cage and spin it slow, making sure the blade don't go back or forth in the motor and pull it through where the blade barly touch you finger and you can see if ones out or in further than the others.  Out of clock is when something stopped the blade fast and they are no longer at right angles to each other. Your fan is a great work horse and not many show up in their original box.