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 Posted: Mon Nov 9th, 2009 01:11 am
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Nick Loos

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Thanks Geoff and Linda for a wonderful time. The workshop is getting about as big as Pig Pickin. Had a heck of a turn out. John from Pennsylvania, Kim from Fla, Jeter from Tenn, Paul from Ga just to name a few. Everybody had fun, worked on fans and other stuff.Its always to be around people with the same interest. We have a lot of friends here in town but they arent fan friends. At least no speeding ticket this time. Didnt hit any deer but saw a lot. Life is good.

Steve "Chili man" Sherwood did an excellent job of brewing up some chili. Must have put some extra fireworks in it. First time I saw McComas without a Hawaiian shirt. Had a Hawaiian tie dyed t shirt. Turning into a 60's hippie.

Too busy to take pictures, sorry.