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 Posted: Mon Nov 9th, 2009 05:12 pm
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John McComas

Joined: Mon Dec 4th, 2006
Location: Branson West, Missouri USA
I had a really good time visiting with everyone.

I helped convert Kim Frank into seeing the superior quality of the Emerson fans.
(After all, he "was" working in the Emerson temple)

Thanks to Bill Fanum for fixing me up with a new front bearing for my 16" chrome R&M.

Thanks to Tom Newcity for the groovy circulator from Detroit! 
(I'm getting replacement switch, new feet, rewire job, and cage cleanup & paint and I will have a sweet one!!  Pictures later.)

Thanks to Geoffrey (Happy Fan Collector) and Linda Jean for the hospitality and the good eats.
(Those bacon wrapped, cheese filled Jalapeno poppers were great!)

Gotta go....  UPS truck is here...