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 Posted: Tue Nov 10th, 2009 02:53 pm
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Fred Berry

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To me, these are confusing fans. I have been told several stories on what makes these things are. I have one that is BC/MB, but it has a very heavy two-piece cast-iron base. Others that I have seen have single-piece pot-metal bases. Some have tags that say "Savory", others (mine) have no tags at all and never had a tag.
Randy silver-soldered a few breaks in the globe-like cage and hopefully, using his immense skills, we'll make some brass blades for it. Then it'll be a true BB/BC fan :cool:

As far as worth, I see this type sell on fleaBay for four to five hundred dollars, depending on condition.

Photo is of mine. And speaking of these, to members here who have them: The universal motor that runs mine is rather stiff, hard to turn. Randy, Stu and I pulled it apart, checked the thrust-bearing and Randy lubed it and it was less-stiff. We ran it for about an hour, but when we turned it off, the motor was pretty hot and smelled hot. Question is, are these normally hot-running machines? The field and armature windings on my fan are fine, with no signs of darkening at all. I know that GE-motor'd Freshy's normally run very hot, but how about these bank teller globe-fans? The motor in this one has pot-metal front and rear end bells. Perhaps these end bells have "grown" due to years of heating up and cooling down?

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