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 Posted: Tue Nov 10th, 2009 08:42 pm
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Thanks. Larry, Ron, Randy, Russ and Jeanne for your kind words. 

Steve, Steve and Russ after doing a little research I believe this fan is a late 1910 or 1911 model because in 1912 Colonial had a thumb-screw on the bottom of the oscillator to change the degree of oscillation.  Also, they changed the oscillating gear in 1912 to rotate 1/2 the speed of the 1911 fan.  My fan oscillates very fast and that would have been a needed improvement.  Russ, I have a fan like what Peter Biniaz's shows in the gallery, it has a 8" wing span and is a later model with the thumb-screw on the bottom of the front oscillator.  I do have a question, since Peerless and Colonial were both located in Warren, Ohio and shared the same front oscillator set up who developed the front oscillator first, Colonial or Peerless?

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