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 Posted: Sat Mar 13th, 2010 04:27 pm
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Russ Huber

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Ralph Bliss wrote:
First off, I know next to nothing about this model. My question is, why does the 1120 in the gallery have a 4 wing blade and the one on C.L. have a 2 wing blade? This is just to help me learn...

At one time this Emerson fan in question chucked a wing. In order to balance the now three wing blade, the owner made the rash choice to perform an amputation of the opposite side wing. :up: By doing so...he then created a Emerson'nd-aire 1120. :up:

G.E. however, as you can see in the picture...struggled with trying to perfect a smooth running fan. Then one day someone got the brilliant idea to remove the blade on the opposite side. And balance was once again restored in the world of G.ood E.nough Electric. :up: Amen.

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