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 Posted: Sun Mar 14th, 2010 07:34 pm
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Jerry Henry


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Hi David, thanks for the interest on the Orbit but I'd have to bow to the guys that know that fan better than I to get into what's right & what's wrong, but that fan came from Birmingham and the cage and wings were either extremely light brass plated or painted. I left the fan as received for quite a time, but it just flatout looked dingy to me. I have since rewinged the machine with brass and applied a new coat of metalic paint on the cage. To me its 100 times more attractive, plus I don't like steel cages & blades, thus I guess its not original any longer. If anyone ever wants an almost perfect match to the original paint it's actually on the shelf: Premium Rust-Oleum, Brillant Metal Finish # 7270 Gold Rush Metalic. I'll take a look around to see if I have some of the original snaps to share. Great entertaining fan but built no-where near as sound as an EMERSON.