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Vornado B26F1 Motor Help  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Tue Jun 25th, 2019 01:40 am
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Brandon Koon

Joined: Tue Apr 2nd, 2019
Hello all,[highlight= rgb(254, 252, 246);][size=I posted about this Vornado B26F1 Floor Fan about 2 months looking for restoration tips. I finally completed the restoration of the paint (see pics before and after) and was so excited to use it in my new home. It had been running GREAT, super smooth, good sound and moved a ton of air but sadly it is starting to have some issues. The motor seems to be getting gummed up/weaker. I was using 3 in 1 electric motor oil to lube it up when I had it apart to paint. Yesterday I noticed it was struggling to get going when I turned it on. I pointed it down and the fan worked just fine. Today when I got home from work it seemed to have gotten worse. It doesn't move nearly as fast when I have it in the normal position. I used some more oil hoping maybe it just needed a quick fix but it did not seem to work. ][highlight= rgb(254, 252, 246);][size=

[highlight= rgb(254, 252, 246);][size=I was wondering if anyone could offer any tips/suggestions on how I can help free up the motor bearings? When I took it apart to sand it down I could not get the motor housing apart so I just left it and made sure to protect it when I painted it. I used compressed air to get as much dust/gunk out as I could. I am hoping someone may have some tips to try before I have to tear it back apart. I read on another topic about Vornado with someone suggesting using a certain lighter fluid to help dissolve the old gunk and then follow it with new oil? Is this a possible solution? I would really prefer not to have to take it apart because it was kind of a pain but if it has to be done it has to be done. I appreciate any input!][highlight= rgb(254, 252, 246);][size=

[highlight= rgb(254, 252, 246);][size=


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