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Gary Holyoke

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Hi, I'm looking for a replacement rear bearing for an Emerson 6250 fan. The bearing is pretty loose on the shaft and when checked with my caliper appears to have worn and "ovaled" itself slightly. The motor shaft had no wear grooves so it looks like the bearing did what it was supposed to do, wear out. Shown below are some measurements I have taken with a digital caliper. I had assumed the outer dimension of the bearing would be a common diameter like 1/2" but it is not. It measures out to .4845. A  modern 1/2" diameter bearing is too large. The bearing's internal diameter measures from .291 to .318 indicating that it wore itself into an oval. 

I am also looking for the rear oscillator gear as shown. It is worn in the center screws so I am guessing it has worn itself down as well. Other than that the fan is in excellent shape.

Thank you for any help or advice you can give.

Post Script:

I am in the process of restoring an Emerson Northwind Type 450 and the bearing and worm gear are exactly the same as those used in the 6250. If anyone has an old Type 450 parts fan I'd be happy to purchase those parts if still in useable condition. Thanks


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