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Hello! Questions on k-223 motor end cap  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Tue Oct 22nd, 2019 09:16 pm
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Alex Woo

Joined: Mon Oct 21st, 2019
Brief question first, then intro and etc.
I took apart a new (to me!) like 78 K-223 with the westinghouse motor to fully clean and oil it, and am wondering about the bell end cap. It appears to just be a metal sleeve, no bearing, is that correct? Does it need wool packed outside of sleeve in the end cap to hold the lubricant?

Any resources for this type of motor online, explaining the function and parts?

Yes I'm completely new to this!
Looks identical to this one

(now on to the rambling part!)
I've bought a dozen craptacular modern fans, up to $70 apiece for the house box fans, which I returned, as they were no better than the $25 ones, and had a huge hum.

I was at a thrift (value world) last weekend and they had a light blue K-mart K-223 fan for $5. I was super excited about the purchase (my 74yr old rural father, not at all. "i have a bunch like That, for that price you can just get a New one" (says the man who STILL goes to flea markets for his 200th 1/2" wrench)).

Unnnfortunately for me, I tore into it before realizing it wasn't just me, and there was value in the beauty of a fan, would have gone good with my midcentury style. (I've been doing it for 20yrs, not a recent fad).

I won't post a pic, I think you'd not like it repainted gray with an orange blade lol (at least I didn't rattle-can it, have a professional setup!)

Wanted it reconditioned though as a user in my shop. Thing's SOLID, QUIET, and actually moves AIR! It's an actual FAN!

And NOW you all have me looking at a bunch of old and expensive fans and going "ooh" and "aah" dangit.

In cleaning it up, I separated the motor/pulled the shaft to really clean it and oil it, there was a bunch of what looked like broken down cellulose of some sort (sawdust? packing?) in the bell end cap, and the cap sleeve seems to be immobile. I'm wondering if I'm supposed to repack the end cap with wool, unstick that sleeve or what. If it's a bearing it's a very stuck one with a solid sleeve inside it.

I only say bearing because in the limited research I've done the motors are big and have through-shafts with bearings. It really just looks like a sleeve.

That said, is there SUPPOSED to be packing material outside of the bearing to hold lubrication? I have some raw-ish wool i currently packed in and back to be out of the way, leave it, add more, remove it?

AND, for reassembly, aside from generally lubing the shaft (with superlube ptfe synthetic lube), around the plastic (?) bushing and the end sleeve, anything special? Do I have to worry about aligning anything? I didn't mark the locations when I took it apart, but being brushless, hope it doesn't matter.

Thanks for any help, including just links to prior posts I couldn't find. I did search, but I'm the level of noob to electric motors that I don't even know the terminology to conduct a real search.

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 Posted: Wed Oct 23rd, 2019 05:14 pm
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Tom Zapf
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Joined: Tue Feb 24th, 2009
OK if you are talking about the 1978 KMart fan with Westy motor, there isnt a need to repack material in to the end caps around the bushings in the well that holds them in place. If you have removed the shaft and rotor before re assembly put a drop of oil on each bushing (holding the end in the position it would be in mounted in the fan box, then slide in the shaft and turn it to coat. NOW before re assembly take a good electric motor oil and from the "inside" of the end cap drizzle drops of oil on the material surrounding the bushings that hold the shaft. Not too much but all the material should be "wet"  with no dry spots. > You can lay the motor ends on paper just in case you put too much oil in  and let the amount get settled down. Be careful with the wires, the stator wire "groups" can come loose on these West Box fan motors and then you get a buzz on start up and that is a different repair.... Good luck! 

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