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Next Patient on the Resto Table Emerson 21666  Rate Topic 
 Posted: Sun Jun 14th, 2020 07:03 am
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Alex Rushing
AFCA Member

Joined: Thu Dec 14th, 2006
Location: Montgomery, Alabama USA
Got another resto project for the old operating table!
Recently finished my gorgeous 21646, and acquired a mostly restored 21645. So I decided, since I am enamoured with the step base Emersons, why not go for a complete set?

Two so far:

I have a majority of the parts needed coming to start a 21648, and a friend turned me onto this early 21666.

At first glance you'd think a good cleaning and touch up would be on order. No, I wouldn't have bought it for what I did if that were the case. I want it to look ad good as my 21646.

Here is where the problems are.
Motor Japan is trashed.

Base Japan isn't quite to a point where I would try touching it up and just painting the motor. Only makes sense to do the whole fan.

Unfortunately another 21 series with a pot metal knuckle, but the gearbox is iron and has the upgraded wheel. I have a ball detent that I'll use on this one(on my bedside 27666) and will swap them so the 21666 can be closer to authentic.
Will have to be extremely careful with the knuckle and directional collar, as they are about as good as it gets, even though the seller left the fan together for shipping.

Thankfully the iron and brass survived quite well. The cage bent back nicely, and I'll put a new connecting collar on the rear ring. Badge is good to.
One of the best sets of iron hub six-wing curved bullwinkles I've seen to date. Very little malformation....if any.

Now for the crappy part. It had a perfect switch when I bought it. Seller seemed to try hard to pack well, but fell short with a piece of stiff foam under the base.

A temporary glue job, that will need filling in more and shaped saved the day. Soldered the factory headwire back to make sure it ran properly.

Gonna need to order more of the replacement headwire from Tony, like used on the 21646.

And a video of the fan running flawlessly on the 106yo headwire.

So please stay tuned on this project. Should be a fun one with a reward of a gorgeous and getting quite scarce restored 21666. :)

Thanks for reading and looking! :)

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 Posted: Sat Jun 27th, 2020 05:50 am
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Alex Rushing
AFCA Member

Joined: Thu Dec 14th, 2006
Location: Montgomery, Alabama USA
Update on 21666.
Had asked around for a price on polishing the curved 6 wing blade and it wasn't in the budget. In fact, paid so much for this fan I decided to cut two feet of leadwire off the 21646 to make a Tony Clayton headwire....until I can buy some more of the same wire and make a couple of new lead wires.
And I have saved for a blade for the 21648(next resto in line).

Anyway, tried two wings first.... carefully.

Got brave and spent 4 more hours working on it with a Dremel in the delicate/tight places and my polishing wheel on the rest. I didn't get to carried away with the shine, because I got close to an accident a few times as it was. O_o
I've got some special model paint ordered to repaint the iron hub. Hopefully I'll get it right. The stamped ones are easy, because I have a paint marker that works well on those. It doesn't want to work on the smoother iron I guess.

Polishing revealed a tiny piece of iron missing from the spider, but blade is stabled and tight.

Cage polished, but need a piece of brass tubing to finish it.

Completed switch resto.

Paint day!

Painted around the top and under the collar first, so no missing spots.

Painted inside base.

Base after all coats.

Front sanded like base and motor case, leaving the Japan in the iron pits to keep it as smooth as possible. Old Japan sanded flush to the iron makes great filler. 

Motor case taped off. This was done before starting on base.

Motor case painted.

Front cover and gearbox painted and set to dry with the other stuff.

Motor tag needed a little polishing, but was in good condition overall.

Cleaned and lacquered motor tag.

Dirty ole' 6 pole.

Brush off.

Cleaned and varnished.

Cleaned rotor. Will make a new seal on assembly day.

Lots more photos taken, but that will have to wait until the project is finished. :hammer:

Last edited on Sat Jun 27th, 2020 05:59 am by Alex Rushing

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