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 Posted: Thu Aug 22nd, 2013 06:32 am
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Tom Newcity

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Dan Proctor wrote: Brian - Did you get the shoulder screw you needed? I needed one for an 8" Emerson Jr and placed an order last night through Amazon for a 5 pack of the closest match I could find: Slotted 303 SS, Shoulder Diameter 3/16", Shoulder Length 1/8", Head Diameter 5/16", Thread Length 3/16", Thread Size 8-32. The only dimension out of spec for me was the head height... which is 5/32". Let me know if you need one... it's the least I could do as thanks for the FF videos of Paul and Tom!
You are probably going to have to grind down the thread length.  If it goes in too far, it will bind up the mechanism.  I don't have any exact dimensions right now, but be aware of it.