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 Posted: Mon Jul 7th, 2014 05:13 am
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Bill Hoehn wrote: Russ,
Thanks for correcting me again. You are a real pro at that. I did not post the picture but certainly gave George, my friend, permission to take and use it. Their have been so many here recently I was curious to see whose picture it is. Of course you know it's Copyrighted at the moment of conception, not when the papers come through, if you want to bother.

Bill, once again with all due respects to you, I don't take pleasure in correcting anyone. I just want the information to be right to the best of my abilities. 
I also want to make clear I meant nothing harmful in my statement prior that I could care less about what, how many, fans or catalogues you have.  You possess a very fine collection.  As silly as it sounds, I just don't feel it's my business in what, or how much you have. But thanks for sharing, I know others that didn't know you want to get to know you much better now.  I too have seen some very nice early items that you may not have.  I just however like some others keep a low profile in the stuff department.  That is matter of choice.
I love to post fan history as close to the money as I can. That is why I can be a pain at times in the midst of a post such as this. I assure you I mean no harm when I come down on something I think is not correct.
If you want me to delete your Pillsbury motor image from this post I will do so. No problem. 
Your a man up in years doing the best that you can, and I am sure then some.  Take care of yourself with an apple and a clove of garlic a day.