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 Posted: Mon Jul 7th, 2014 08:40 pm
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George Durbin wrote: Bill Hoehn wrote: George, John  and Jeff,
I sincerely appreciate your positive comments and interest in the old Emersons.  I have much more unknown information (to most) that I enjoy sharing with those who value the facts and don't try to change them.
I'll have to hurry though, because our first great grandchild Stella arrived this week, and I hope to be able to enjoy her! That's a whole other story. Her mother was working in surgery when her "water" broke, so she called for relief, went to her car and drove to the maternity ward. She said the delivery "was easy---nothing to it"! That's not what Laverne said when Stella's grandfather was born and I can't repeat what she did say!  One friend says Stella comes "from sturdy stock". Sorry that's off track.
Any questions about Emersons? The company referred them to Warren and me the last couple of decades. Warren was  a self-taught electrician and much more knowledgeable than I. Emerson and their successor apparently have no interest in their past. They refused  my offer to give them old Emerson publications and they were nice enough to let me copy all of theirs. Some were destroyed or lost while being transferred from one plant to another. Incidentally,  one of their later motor plants was in Menominee Mich.

Hi Bill!

How can anyone not be positive on this forum... All the research and history about fans is amazing to me... Also it is just as amazing the lack of info on so many fans and the history behind them! When its all said and done, and "if' all our fans just disappeared poof like, Would it really matter in the long run? We would spend time doing other things. No one holds a gun to our heads and we are free to prosper and grow any way we want too! 3/4ths of the population on this world are not free to do as we do. To have so much time to collect fans and and any other hobby we want to says soo much about our country!