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 Posted: Wed Jul 9th, 2014 06:19 pm
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Thanks Bill and that pretty much answered my question.  If you have the chance sometime it would be cool to see a few photos of the top switch bell from the inside showing the slot area and, also, the back switch end bell of the same area.  Don't go to the trouble of taking the fans apart but, if you have them apart to admire them for any reason, a few shots would be great.

My reason for asking was to see if it would have been feasible or likely for Emerson to have used the same pattern for the front end bell for top and back switch models.   It looks like a good chance.

Yes, Bill's stuff is turning into quite the project and I brought home more trash yesterday than fans and today may be more of the same as I try to get the fans over to just one unit in the big probability that I will have to pay storage through Auguest before getting the unit vacated.  Bill had some nice fans but not of the age nor quality that Warren must have had; several shelves of Mestons and Gemersons and also more bipolars than Bill had (none).  And those darn old heavy motors; I hope I find a taker for them (think I have but if anyone wants those smaller motors as used on washing machines, general purpose, etc. please ask me.   They could be free for the hauling.  They are mostly older ones and even one Century skeletal.