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 Posted: Fri Jul 11th, 2014 03:37 pm
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Morning John & Dan,
Turning on my computer this AM, all I could get for awhile was a warning "OFF TOPIC POSTINGS WILL BE DELETED". If this means the end of my stories about Warren , so be it! The moderator must be clairvoyant because my thoughts for the day are mine and Warren's and they are controversial. I apologize ahead of time to those who feel differently and may be offended. We were definitely part of the silent minority.
  More Warren, Life and Fans.  
Warren loved language and word usage. We spent countless hours with his huge Webster dictionary always at hand in the shop.
Warren and I traded and gave each other many small electrical things (old light bulbs---some DC, Benjamin sockets, Tesla & Edison apparatus and books etc.) over the next few years . Not one penny ever exchanged hands for this. After a few years together we both knew that whatever either of us had, belonged to both of us.
Because at that time, he had to make a living with his work and I had the luxury of being retired, I did our fan restorations.  He trained me in the proper use of tools as complicated as the lathe and as simple as a file. Not being an electrician, he would tell me all of the electrical needs and I would make them, trusting him, whether it was a Meston or a Polar Cub.
After high school, college and service overseas (Europe), Warren returned and started finding and restoring more fans. He had been collecting, tearing apart, rebuilding, improving and designing many things since childhood. With his ingenuity he made a lot of specialized tools. His father was the comptroller for Guth ELectric and he had a lot of contact with the company workers and salesmen. I have his log, of all of his finds, with entries including date, brand, type, source, price, condition, restoration, numbers ( with purple felt---his favorite color) and final gifting to many present AFCA members. That will be another post if there is interest.
With my disillusionment with the medical profession, mainly because of insurance and government interference, making it no longer enjoyable, I retired. That started my long relationship with Warren and his shop. I first approached him for advice about what to do with my long accumulated group of fans. He told me all about them and aroused my interest in possible restoration. I asked if he would help and if I could come join him at the shop. He said, "No, this a one man shop!" His partner Gus had died before this. After a few more visits and a lot more questions he relented and said, "Be here at 8 AM next Monday." He had cleared off about a foot of workbench for me. I was careful to be a good student. Each day he cleared off about another foot of bench until I had the whole 8 feet or so. It obviously worked out well because we then worked together, usually three days a week, for about the next 25 years.
  I'm going to stop here until I see if this too OFF TOPIC to continue.

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