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 Posted: Fri Jul 18th, 2014 04:49 pm
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Realizing it has been some time since the demise of the original Meston Tripod twins, and their provenance and records have been accepted by almost all of the concerned parties, may they R.I.P.  I decided to proceed with the next chapter in the Meston Tripod family and hope to then continue with their descendants the Emerson Tripods.
The next relative, born in 1897, was the so called banded Tripod.  I named them that for the nickel bands surrounding the motor.  "We will retain the black base and band, but in place of the polished bronze covers, they will be finished in aluminum finish or plain bronze----".  They continued with the hanging switch of the second model Meston, but it was considerably smaller.  The nameplate (still brass) was elongated and has a third rivet in the center.  The rivets have smaller heads than the first two Mestons , but the tag has the same data and patents.
This fan has a unique guard.  "1897 Wire Guard can be used only on the 1897-type of Motors".  This information is in two of my different 1897 catalogs.
Somewhere in this period, and I have not been able to document where or why, Emerson switched from the different bronze end bells to aluminum finished iron ones stamped Emerson rather than Meston. Both types are known to exist.
The next year,1898, saw the introduction of the New 1898 Fan Motor which we will save for the next installment, since it is so different, and then the I.V.S. Mestons and the hanging switch Mestons and Emersons are obsolete!
From here on it should be less confusing,