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 Posted: Thu Jul 24th, 2014 04:19 am
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Bill Hoehn wrote: Glad everyone agrees on the first three Meston models, #1 round base 1891 model, #2 round base 1892 model, and #3 Top switch tripod model.
We have 2 holdouts in the world on the Meston hanging switch model, but those that have them continue to enjoy them:).

It is stated Emerson in order to remain progressive with the ever growing 60 cycle system began development on AC induction motors around 95.  Edwin Pillsbury's motor counts too.
1891:  Alexander Meston designs and introduces to the market Emerson's first AC cone base fan motor.  The fan was 1/8th HP capable of ONLY ONE SPEED of 2500 RPM.  The cone base model has strong support of only being on the market for the 91 season only.  

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