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 Posted: Thu Jul 24th, 2014 05:46 am
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You are correct on the 1891 round base Meston. It was 11 inches in diameter, and 52 volts only, and had no model # since it was the only one.
The 1892 models--round base---(as in the 1892 catalog-Page 60) were:
No.2001 for 52 volts, 1.8 amperes, 2200 revs;
and the No. 2002 for 104 volts, .9 amperes, 2200 revs;
For 1892 "They are now improved and perfected and we guarantee them in every respect."
There is NO tripod in Emerson's 1892 catalog. It IS in the 1893 Catalog. 

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