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 Posted: Wed Aug 26th, 2015 12:50 am
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Bill Hoehn wrote: I'll try again.

I'm sure not meant to be a teacher. For detailed second hand information we can't all be Russ Huber, and he has given us much valuable information.   Mine comes exclusively from Emerson, motors, fans and literature.

From 1891 to 1895 every motor and fan produced was named Meston.  As Russ described with the death of Meston and the arrival of other designers and engineers the Meston name was phased out and ended up Emerson.

In 1896 the terminology was "Emerson Electric" Alternating Induction Fan Motor on their hanging switch Meston pictured repeatedly.

In 1897 they used both "Emerson Electric" induction and "Emerson Induction" to differentiate the Mestons from the Emersons.

In 1898 this continued and I will post views later. 

The only one I plan for tonight is the 1895 catalog view of their three Mestons, the IVS, ceiling and hanging switch---all Mestons. 

The 1898 catalog (No. 2110) drops the "Emerson Electric" designation and from then on uses Emerson induction only, beginning with the hollow shaft motor

That's a start and here is the page from the 1895 Emerson catalog.

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