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 Posted: Wed Aug 26th, 2015 02:13 am
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Sure Russ, I thought you could find it from before.

The only place Emerson Electric marked their Meston fans Meston, was on the front covers, not the nameplate or anywhere else.

This page (9) from their 1897 catalog clearly shows the name Meston on this fan.  There are others also, with the Our "Emerson Electric"  Induction heading and no evidence of the IVS switch because it has a hanging switch as proven at the bottom "Consumption of Current and Speeds."  Three, not infinitely variable!

I am really tired of proving this so many times, and I wish the false information would cease.

The computer will not accept this picture---I'll try separately. Sorry--no luck--with 2 cameras and 2 separate memory sticks.  They're perfect in the cameras but the computer will not accept.  Maybe I can find an old post with it.

Posts 51, 52 and 53 of this thread are definitive, of the fan, the same as the literature that won't print.

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