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 Posted: Wed Aug 26th, 2015 03:07 am
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Bill Hoehn wrote: I am really tired of proving this so many times, and I wish the false information would cease.

Easy Bill, this not a conspiracy to get you. :D Frankly, I tire of it as well.

Point.........Meston cast into an end bell does not conclude the fan is a Meston. Sounds rather oxymoron, I agree. Emerson was marketing the brushed MESTON for years prior to introduction of the 95 INDUCTION BACK LEVER DESK FAN, increasing its sales and reputation on the "MESTON" BRUSHED DESK FAN. Take now into consideration that Emerson in the early stages of marketing electrical appliances is now faced with introducing a NEW INDUCTION MOTOR DESK FAN in 95 with an unfamiliar BACK LEVER START AND SPEED ADJUSTMENT. If I was Emerson I would put the FAMILAR MESTON name on the NEW INDUCTION DESK FAN MOTOR to keep past customers feeling confident toward purchasing an unfamiliar EMERSON INDUCTION DESK FAN MOTOR.

All the literature in the Electrical trade books and even your catalogue descriptions of the time period of the INDUCTION DESK FAN MOTOR introduction forward DO NOT SUPPORT THE INDUCTION DESK FAN MOTOR AS A MESTON. Unless of course you have catalogue material with a Emerson INDUCTION DESK FAN with worded description that it is a MESTON FAN MOTOR.

Thanks for going to the library. I would place a huge bet Fred Briner designed the Emerson BACK LEVER INDUCTION DESK FAN. If so, how could you call it a Meston other than the tripod housing and tripod designed by Alex Meston. Meston's fan motor design represents only a shell. Fred Briner was in at Emerson in 94 and the EMERSON INDUCTION DESK FAN was on the market fan motor season of 95.

Bill Hoehn wrote: Russ,

Spent a little time yesterday at the library and looked up the people listed in your photo.

In '94 Fred Briner started as a draftsman at Emerson. By '96 he was an asst. supt. and by '97 a supt. at Emerson.