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 Posted: Thu Aug 27th, 2015 12:29 am
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Look at the small Emerson fans available in 1918 around when the 450A was introduced - It was basically the 450A (plain base, steel blades & spot-welded steel cage), the DC 19045 (brass blade & brass cage) and the 19645 (brass blade & brass cage).


Out of these three, the Northwind was definitely a lower grade, intended for a more cost-conscious customer.  Still good quality that has proven to hold up well over the years, though.


Things get more complicated after the 29x45 series transitioned into the Emerson JR and lowered features to save cost.  At a certain point, maybe the JR got cheaper than the 450.


Looking at catalog prices would add some info to this discussion.


(I apologize if my "facts" or dates are wrong)