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 Posted: Fri Aug 28th, 2015 08:26 am
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Bill Hoehn wrote:

Is there a third person in the world that believes Emerson Electric Manufacturing Company's marked Meston fans are not Mestons?

Maybe not too many others now, sadly, as they, who know the real facts, are in the minority.  But, back in the day, the writers of the Emerson catalogs did know the facts and did state that the Meston was the brush and commutator motor, and the other motor with the back switch was the Induction Motor.  Either/or, one can't be both.  
The Meston is proven, from catalog statements, to be a brush and commutator motor.  And the Induction Motor had no brushes or commutator as stated in the Emerson catalogs so it can't be a Meston.  Can't be both now can it?  

At the start of this thread I was of the belief that any bronze cased Emerson fan motor was a Meston, including the back switch models.  But careful and thorough reading of the catalogs showed me that was not the case.

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