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 Posted: Wed Sep 2nd, 2015 03:21 am
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Lawrence Erikson took a trip to Schenectady NY to do research on GE, and I believe, specifically the Lynn Works pancake.   I'm not sure but I believe he was able to uncover some important facts about GE's early history.   Is there anywhere researchers could go to seek additional info on Emerson?   ........... BTW ....... Lawrence found a Lynn Works pancake during his trip, it was for sale, but he was a day late and it had sold.   He told me he was able to study it for about 3 hours.   St. Louis has to be a hot bed of undiscovered Meston's.   Remember John Witt's fan meeting 20 some years ago,  some old guy brought a Meston and sold it to John out of the trunk of his car.