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 Posted: Wed Sep 2nd, 2015 07:17 am
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Don Eckerson and his wife went to Schenectady. They were able to get tons of copies of the records. What I'd love is to see are the photo albums. A VP of GE was into photography. He would take pictures of the GE fans, sometimes alongside a competitor's fan. One picture had an early Pancake beside a Tesla. Another image shows a Coin Op Menominee. Lawrence said each album had about 50 pictures. I asked how many albums they had. He said about 100. I called Schnectady, and spoke with the man over the GE materials. He said they could make copies for me. They send the original photograph to a photographer in town. He takes a picture of the picture. I got the copy. For $25 each. The Library got their original and the negative. I explained the AFCA was a 501c3. Would it be possible for someone to take a digital photo of the original. He said we could probably do that. Then he said Microsoft had been there all summer. They were making a DVD called "The Twentieth Century", and had been accessing the Library materials. I suggested he ask Microsoft to scan those pictures.Then he could sell copies of the books. I think that man left, and new fellow has that job. From Don's experience I'd think he may be eccentric.