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 Posted: Thu Jul 25th, 2019 10:43 pm
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Michael is exactly correct in his advice. I have a very thin knife that I use for this purpose but you must be VERY careful or the knife blade will jump and you will mark up the case. So just tap the knife on the joint. One more piece of advice. Parts of this fan are pot metal like the oscillator casing and the front nose. There is no point in removing them and you will have an exceptionally difficult time getting the holes to line up again to re-assemble it. You will break those pieces if you try to pry them off. If I'm not mistaken those are Micarta blades which place the date in the early 1920's. You will find that fan runs a bit hot but that's normal. I don't recommend removing the stator. That is a hellish job. Reinserting the stator back in the case with the holes lined up is equally difficult. I can't tell from you picture if there are any wire remnants protruding from the case. If there are, simply solder to them using the heat shrinking solder joints. They work well and will give a good strong bond. Cover them with the black heat shrink sleeves and you will be good to go. I have removed one of the stators from these pressed steel cases and I will NEVER do another. I hope you don't need to do that to get at the head wires. Not a fun job at all!

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