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 Posted: Mon Mar 16th, 2020 07:19 am
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Mike Kearns

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Overall, I think I got a good start, although I am waiting for advertising, catalog and model images and information from several collectors to fill in the gaps. I'll be adding more over time as new quality images become available. If there is any relevant information you could share, I'd be very thankful for it, include it in the proper area of the timeline and gladly give you full credit for it. I would prefer ideally clean, in-focus images of original literature and un-modified circulators. Some of my images used will likely be replaced when I find better quality samples. I check my PM daily, please send me what you have, particularly 1953 to the end of production Diehl Manufacturing circulators. You guys have been great being patient while I got this together, thanks to you all, I hope you will enjoy.   Very best, Mike

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