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 Posted: Fri Jan 8th, 2021 02:14 am
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Louis Luu


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The plan is to use a mini 8 inch R&M open commutator as the starting point. I am borrowing from the idea from Mike Petree. I do like the idea of owning a mini lollipop but will incorporate some new features. I will model the feet extension using original 12 inch lollipop and the spring mechanism as well. Along with that...I will be using the original 12 inch struts...I like the curvatures and make it fit the 8 inch. This will be done by making a mold of the original then casting in polymer...easier to sand and size with blade....basically reduce all the features to fit aesthetically the 8 inch model. Both the top and bottom will be cast in bronze. The struts holder will be modified where no screws/clips will be needed just like the original 8 inch....basically a bracket to hold the squared back cage. The struts will also be moved to the position just like the 12 inch mounting.