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 Posted: Tue Jan 19th, 2021 03:03 am
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William Dunlap

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The bearings are ball bearings which are meant to be used with a radial load. In the configuration you intend, the bearings will be in both radial and axial loads. Not uncommon...most bearings take loads from more than one direction, but it can add friction and slow things down.
The end of the shaft can be supported by a radial bearing, and the upper side can be supported by the ball and race type you're using. So the weight of the motor assembly is supported by the thrust bearing, relieving the axial load from the ball and race.
In recent projects requiring very low friction, I experimented with various combinations of bearings until I found the right set up. 
Instead of a thrust bearing for the bottom, you could also use just a single ball bearing perfectly centered to take the weight off the upper bearing.
All this might be unnecessary ....just something to think about if you find you can't get it to work the way you want.
I know I struggled with the table vane oscillator until I found the right bearing to use. Still the thing won't work right unless it is perfectly level and the fan is perfectly balanced on the table.
Also, if you have this thing rotating 360 degrees, being off balance may cause it to tip over if it goes too fast. I think it was Kim Frank that made one and he ended up attaching a counter weight to the back so it could rotate properly.
All good fun at the end of the day.