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 Posted: Tue Jan 19th, 2021 11:46 pm
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Anthony Lindsey

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This GEC fan oscillates both left and right as well as up and down.  It goes in an elliptical oval.   This one is hard to find.   230-250V.  On the bottom plate it shows different settings for 20 - 40 ohms,   50-60 ohms and D/C I believe.   Inside above the on/off Switch lever is another switch Lever that I believe corresponds to the resistance.  
It does Oscillate correctly.


It has a couple issues:only runs on 1 speed setting
Runs slowly but it does run
Has a crackling noise inside while running.
missing 2 nuts holding the struts to the motor but the struts go on the bolt and hold ok.

Price is $650 if Interested + shipping.