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 Posted: Sat Jan 30th, 2021 06:12 am
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Mark...I researched properties of Silicon...I suspect they wanted a larger atom to make for a stiffer alloy with lubricant property...more slippery to resist mechanical wear due to its network covalent least that is what I suspect.

Mark Behrend wrote: Mark Behrend wrote: Louis Luu wrote: The other difference is bronze is not as malleable as brass. Some people prefer brass for applications where it requires malleability. Huge statues...need to be stiff/not malleable.Thanks for your answer.  I had some victor badges casted up awhile ago and there weren’t to many people fond of using yellow brass.  Most wanted to use a silicon bronze which seemed a little to dark for our fans.  I’m guessing there is a difference.  Thanks MarkActually, thinking back, it could have been silicone brass.