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 Posted: Mon Mar 22nd, 2021 02:30 am
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Rob Duffy

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Reese Pero wrote: Thx.  This is pretty big for a window fan.  I think I am missing some parts...base, switch, ?
Any thoughts on age....50's, 60's...?
You are missing the front grille and the entire turn-about housing. It was a pretty large window fan indeed, but not the biggest in terms of blade span. These fans were the largest of the "traditional style" vornado blade and shroud design but they definitely made larger fans. Age is approximately early 50's but that's basically impossible to tell without the data tag which I'm sure by this point in time, is long gone. They also made a pedestal version of this fan, but never a table version as far as I know.

Picture of the fan below. I have one but this one is not mine and belongs to another collector.