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 Posted: Mon Mar 22nd, 2021 04:42 am
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Daniel Buffaloe


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I bought my house last year and I found this fan in the garage. I plugged it in and it worked perfectly. I set it up in my garage and it pretty much ran all summer long. I spent a ton of time in there due to being stuck at home. I named it "The Mangler" after the Stephen King movie because whoever owned it before had done a lot of stuff to it over the years to keep it running. The Mangler would shock you or the sharp wire mesh replacement guard would certainly poke or scrape you and draw blood.
Well, the Mangler stopped working so I decided to see if I could clean it up, replace the plug and get it working (safely this time). After a day of working on this in my garage I'm determined to find out what manufacturer and model it is. I'd also love to repair this myself. Is it even possible to repair this? Any help would be appreciated.

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