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 Posted: Mon Apr 5th, 2021 06:07 pm
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John Rolli


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I recently restored and brought literally back from the dead a 1949 Emerson 79646-AP-G 12" fan. I was fortunate to have a fellow member sell me the much needed motor housings with bearings plus the rotor and gear box to complete this poor neglected train wreck of a fan. The parts were sourced from a 16" 79648-AP-G model and fit perfectly. However, I did notice this fan runs pretty fast on all speeds compared to my all original 12" G series fan. Low on the 1949 is like high on the 1952. Is the rotor different in the 16" model that it will run faster when paired with a 12" stator? If so I may have to find a 12" rotor then. I plan on running this on low on my nightstand for white noise this Summer but running this fast it surely will keep me awake. Thanks for any help on this.