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 Posted: Wed Apr 7th, 2021 02:34 am
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Noah Britt

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I need some help figuring out what fans these parts go to. I'm mostly after the maker of the parts (Emerson, Westinghouse, GE, etc.) but any extra ID would be great too.

#1. Steel oscillator linkage. What's weird about this is that the hole on the right side is threaded. I don't know how that would help oscillation! Anyway, that is probably going to be the biggest distinguishing feature.

Other side:

#2. Steel wing-bolt. It may be cast iron, or that might just be gunk.

Linkage and wing-bolt compared with ruler.

#3. One speed slide switch. I think this is a switch for a smaller Emerson (B-Jr, 2450 maybe?) but would like to have anyone else's input.

#4. No clue what these are or if they even go on a fan. They are steel.

#5. Again, not sure if this goes to a fan or not. It is brass.

#6. Slotted oil cup, exactly 1" long. Steel.

#7. I don't know if this is a fan part either. Brass or bronze.

#8. This looks like an oscillator linkage screw. (It does not fit the osc. arm above.) Steel.

#9. Circumstances lead me to suspect one or both of these screws may be from a Westinghouse, but I would appreciate any of yall's thoughts. By the way, all the screws I have posted have normal (right hand) threads. These are both steel.

#10. I think this is a motor to base shaft of some sort. It has a Schatz ball bearing on it.

Any enlightenment or thoughts from anyone would be greatly appreciated! Depending on the manufacturer of these parts, I may be willing to let some of them go.